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Friday, 16th of October 2015
Location: University of Tetova
09:30 -10.00  Registration 
10.00-12.00  Opening Ceremony
Prof. Dr. Ednan AslanUniversity of Vienna
Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, Rektor of State University of Tetova
Prof Dr. Wolfgang Meixner, Vice Rector of the University of Innsbruck
- Musical performance -
Abdylaqim Ademi, Minister for Education and Science of Macedonia
Mag. Renate Kobler, Ambassador of Austria to Macedonia
- Musical performance -
Representative of the Islamic Community of Macedonia
Representative of the Macedonian orthodox Church
Prof. Dr. Zekirija Sejdini,  University of Innsbruck
12.00-13.30 Break and Friday Prayer (Friday Prayer at 12:30 am)
13.30-15.00 Lunch
Keynote Speech: Violence vs. Religion
15.00-15.30Ferid Muhic  - Macedonia
15.30-15.40Discussion - Moderator : Bashkim Iseni - Switzerland     
Session I: Reflections and solution approaches to counteract violence
15.40-15.55Nedzad Grabus - Slovenia
15.55-16.10Atakan Derelioglu - Albania
16.10-16.25Ivan Ivanov - Bulgaria
16.25-16.55  Discussion -  Moderator: Bashkim Iseni - Switzerland         
16.55-17.15 Break
Keynote Speech: The drama triangle of religion and violence
17.15-17.45Ruard Ganzevoort  - Netherlands
17.45-17.55Discussion-Moderator:  Martina Kraml - Austria
Session II: Threats of religious violence in Europe and the connected experiences with them
17.55-18.10Emil Bjørn Hilton Saggau - Denmark
18.10-18.25Galip Veliu - Macedonia
18.25-18.40Matthias Gardell - Sweden
18.40-19.40   Plenum/ Discussion - Moderator:  Martina Kraml - Austria      
19:40 Dinner 
Saturday, 17th of October 2015
Keynote Speech: Journeying into a Peaceful Islam: A Worldview Framework Approach
10.00-10.40John Valk and Mualla Selcuk - Canada and Turkey
10.40-10.50Plenum/ Discussion - Moderator: Wolfgang Meixner - Austria
Session III: Philosophical and theological frameworks to address religiously motivated violence
10.50-11.05Kostake Milkov - Macedonia
11.05-11.20Alexander Hannan - Israel
11.20-11.35Martin Rothgangel - Austria
11.35-12.35Plenum/ Discussion - Moderator: Wolfgang Meixner- Austria
12.35-14.30 Lunch
Keynote Speech: To condemn - or not - the violence after the Charlie Hebdo attack: alliance or cleavage between Muslims and French Catholics?
14.30-15.00Claude Dargent  - France
15.00-15.10Discussion - Moderator: Omer Karoshaj - Montenegro     
Session IV: The Experience of Violence and the future of Religion in Europe
15.10-15.25Stefano Maria Capilupi based on the collaboration with Igor Ermachenko - Italy/ Russia
15.25-15.40Wolfgang Palaver - Austria
15.40-15.55Goran Basic - Sweden
15.55-16.45  Discussion -  Moderator: Musa Musai - Macedonia         
16.45-17.15 Break
Keynote Speech: Muslim Theologians of Non-Violence
17.15-17.45Marcia Hermansen   - United States
17.45-17.55Discussion-Moderator:  Zekirija Sejdini - Austria
Session V: Radicalization of Muslim and non-Muslim youth
17.55-18.10Laurentiu Tanase - Romania
18.10-18.25Musa Musai - Macedonia
18.25-18.40Bashkim Iseni - Swiss
18.40-19.00Plenum/ Discussion - Moderator:  Zekirija Sejdini - Austria  
19.00 Dinner and cultural programme
Sunday, 18th of October 2015
Keynote Speech: Against Religiously Motivated Violence- Religious Education’s Contribution to Peaceful Relationships Between Different Religions
09.00-09.30Firedrich Schweitzer - Germany
09.30-09.40Plenum/ Discussion - Moderator: Marcia Hermansen - United States
Session VI:  Islamic tenets and conflicts
09.40-09.55Osman Tastan - Turkey
09.55-10.10Ilshat Hassan Kokbore - East Turkistan or Xingjang-China/USA
10.10-10.25Akhmed Tamim - Ukraine
10.25-11.00Plenum/ Discussion - Moderator: Marcia Hermansen - United States
11.00-11.30 Break 
Session VII:  Young researchers on historical, theological and modern sources of violence 
11.30-11.45Ranja Ebrahim - Austria
11.45-12.00Ulvi Karagedik - Austria
12.00-12.15Sheruze Osmani Ballazhi- Macedonia
12.15-12.45Plenum/ Discussion - Moderator: Ednan Aslan - Austria
12.45- Lunch and check-out/ sight seeing




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